We develop marketing strategies and complete the associated visuals in continuous consultation with the client. We then use intelligent media budget management to guarantee the success of your communications plan. This strategy includes a positioning plan and the purchase of advertising space in traditional and/or digital media.

At Cidma, we know how important it is to determine the correct investment budget on the right platform at precisely the right time. This requires exhaustive negotiationswith advertising regulators, newspapers, or magazine editors. The key is to ensure that marketing budgets for ad campaigns are properly allocated. Simply put, you need a buyer and an experienced negotiator to go along with a strategic consultant who can guide you through the process from start to finish.

Using the Web, postings, magazines, newspapers, television and radio,
we set out to maximize your company’s impact with target clients so as to achieve concrete results. In order to verify that our strategy is sound and our planning relevant, we provide analysis tools meant to measure your ROI.